Jose Constela

Backend engineer.

Ourense, Galicia.

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

Multilanguage Natural Language Understanding application built in MeteorJS
JavaScript 3 2
User intent detector based on Google's NLP analysis
JavaScript 3 0
Open-source javascript distributed computing.
JavaScript 2 0
WebParsy is a NodeJS library and cli which allows to scrape websites using Puppeteer and YAML definitions
JavaScript 1 0
Playground for entities~>events visualization approaches.
Single File Code - package.json-free node scripts
JavaScript 1 0
Prints all MailChimp's ids and names for all subscribers lists groups of interests.
JavaScript 1 0
NodeJs & MongoDb starter kit for files analysis
JavaScript 1 0
Dotfiles, env setup and tools I use
Shell 1 0
Aliases for large projects with many git, nodejs & bower directories, so no more repetitive commands.
Shell 1 0
Open-source javascript distributed computing. Management panel built w/Meteor
JavaScript 1 0
My Talks and Presentations
Simple bash script to backup all Mongo dbs to S3
Shell 0 0
Template to boost your meteorjs applications development
HTML 0 0
Converts JS variables to an "human-readable" format.
JavaScript 0 0
TSP demo for Acio-js
JavaScript 0 0

My Interests

Topics that I want to learn more about.

My Thoughts

Articles I've written.