Strategic Software Development Consultant

I help my customers building, boosting and taking their products in the right direction.

What can I do for your company and your product?



I research and help you choose the right technologies for your product to fulfill its needs.


I build and code web application, backend, queue and background services.


I help planning, building, documenting and maintaining infrastructures. Including AWS.


I will help you to plan processes, tasks and coordination across teams, resources and times.


I automate deployment processes to help avoid mistakes and integrate code tests so my customers can focus on more important matters.


I implement monitoring and notifications tools for code and infrastructure so my customers aware of things before their users do.


Either if it’s an slow request, a busy database, an annoying error, I cover my customers back.


I give, support and sponsor private and public talks on coding, frameworks, technologies, etc

I Help Launching And Boosting Products

Who Am I

I'm a web applications developer & consultant with experience helping startups to build scalable web apps, designing and implementing robust and large APIs with a focus on web performance optimisation. I work on a daily basis with NodeJS, MongoDB, microservices and serverless things on AWS.

Some open source projects:
In-browser distributed computing
fask, NodeJS package for analysing large amount of files.

Conferences and talks:

- "MongoDB". JavaScript Ourense
- "Introduction to MeteorJS + from dev to prod in 5 mins demo". GDG Ourense
- “Passion, what moves us to make a difference”. IES A Carballeira.
- "Web apps development: technologies, uses, and browsers"​. University of Vigo.
- "Web applications development: HTML5, CSS3, NOSQL"​. IES A Carballeira.
- "Opportunities for education in virtual platforms". University of Vigo.

My customers

Here are some of the companies I've worked with:

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MongoDB Tech Talk for JavaScript Ourense [spanish]

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What have I done in 2018? What can I do for your company in 2019?

For the dimensions of the image and not to do it very technical, I have left a couple of thi...


What my customers says about me
Jose is a very versatile and dynamic engineer with a ton of experience building out backend architectures for startups.
David Yoken

David Yoken

Founder and CEO of Collectable

I worked with Jose at and Beamery, and he is a dedicated and intelligent developer, who always tries to improve team processes and documentation as well as his own work.
Murad Saidov

Murad Saidov

CPO at Beamery

While Jose was the sysadmin at Vimirk, he showed a great skill in both AWS platform and web development in general. Moreover Jose has showed great ability to deal with problems that may appear in the project and to solve them effectively.
Jacobo J. Pedrosa

Jacobo J. Pedrosa

Co-founder at LilyMedia

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