New npm package: Single File Code, or sfc

Single File Code, or sfc, allows to execute nodejs scripts with its dependencies defined in the script itself.

This means that instead of having a package.json file and installing the dependencies via npm commands, you can specify the dependencies in a comment in your script.

SFC will take care of installing the dependencies.

 * node.program
 * @dependency lodash latest
require('lodash').map([1,2,3,4], n => console.log(n))

My new favorite podcasts to stay up to date with development, tools and technologies

Does Not Compute

A weekly chat about the lives and workflows of modern web developers

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A show about the latest in tech tools, tips, and tricks on Tuesdays at 2

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MongoDB Tech Talk for JavaScript Ourense [spanish]

Next, a copy of the talk I gave on December 20, 2018 about MongoDB for the Ourense JavaScript Development Meetup.

  • CRUD operations
  • Complex Queries (+ geospatial)
  • Aggregation Framework and MapReduce
  • OpLog
  • Transactions

What have I done in 2018? What can I do for your company in 2019?

Due the dimensions of the image and trying not to become very technical, I have left a couple of things in the pipeline, like having helped to improve internal processes of the companies of my clients.

I have always enjoyed, in addition to programming, I help solving business problems (in addition to technical ones).

Support other people involved in the development of the projects in which I participate (whether they are employees or external consultants) and help identify and improve processes and solve or propose solutions to problems that may be going unnoticed.

And I invite you to do so too. In addition to becoming a better professional, you will make a difference and you will be a better investment!

2018 has been a great year of work. And if I had to highlight something, it would be having been involved – along with others and other professionals and an exceptional client – in making it possible to raise a round of seed capital of 500,000USD in Collectable

Without further details, here is my technological summary of the year. A hug, and happy holidays if we do not see each other!